About Me

All real living is meeting – Martin Buber

A bit of background . . .

My educational foundation is a Master of Arts degree in psychology from the University of West Georgia.  My training covers a wide range of theory and techniques, with emphasis on the humanistic approach to therapy and living.  You might say that I see the world through a humanistic lens, one which directs my, and our, focus toward building a sense of wholeness and freedom, empowering us to make choices in life rather than allowing them to be made for us.  As we direct our search inward, encountering our obstacles to growth and self-understanding, we will endeavor to address these obstacles, developing a deeper sense of connection to self, others and living and gaining insight into how we relate to and interact with ourselves and the world.

One question I am asked, perhaps more than any other, is: “What’s your specialty?”  This seemingly simple question stymies me.  I think I instinctually resist being pigeon-holed into one course of action.  I find it difficult to declare myself a specialist at anything.  Except . . . perhaps . . . at being present.  Really being there and with you is something at which I excel.

Often, I think the question really being asked is: “With what kind of people do you work?”  My answer to that is much simpler; I work with a variety of clientele, including individuals (children, adolescents and adults), couples, and families in both group and individual settings. I also have experience working with those who struggle with anxiety, depression, life’s transitions, childhood and recent traumas, various other problems with living, and addiction in its many forms.  I have worked in several different settings: inpatient stabilization unit, day hospital, and outpatient (the more popularized idea of therapy practice).

You may wonder if your needs and my approach are a good match.  I believe the best way is for us to meet and talk about your reasons for seeking therapy and decide together if the ways I work might be beneficial for you.  I do not work with clients whom, in my professional opinion, I cannot help using the resources and techniques I have available and will do all I am able to refer you to someone I feel may be a better match.




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